Tinbanxe.vn - Đăng Tin Nhanh Bán Tốc Hành

Tinbanxe.vn là sàn TMĐT cho phép cá nhân, doanh nghiệp đăng tin mua bán xe ô tô, xe tải mới – đã qua sử dụng, ngoài ra tin bán xe là kênh thông tin chuyên cung cấp thông tin về giá xe, đánh giá xe ô tô, xe tải mới nhất

Xếp hạng 97
Định giá startup
Đơn giá cổ phần $5,000 SW
Cổ phần có thể bán 100.0%
Cơ cấu sở hữu cổ phần
Tinbanxe.vn is an e-commerce store that allows individuals and businesses to post ads for sales of new cars, trucks - used, buyers can find the car they like and contact The phone number of the seller in the post and tinbanxe.vn is a news channel specializing in providing information on car prices, evaluating the latest cars and trucks.

Tinbanxe.vn was born in December 2019 built and developed by a team of young, enthusiastic, and talented employees who have made rapid development steps and selected many impressive results. is one of the 5 websites with the first traffic in Vietnam about Automotive Portal (According to the reputable assessment tool ahref.com)
As reported by Google Analytics in October 2020, the web has reached more than 1 million users
As reported by Google Analytics in October 2020, the web has reached more than 1 million users
Overcoming the initial difficulties when developing the project, TiniBanxe.vn continuously has more than 1 million users access, 5000 car sales, a total of 300 monthly new account users; 2.4 - 12 times larger and equivalent to a 20 - 200% increase in speed compared to the original time.

What makes the difference at tinbanxe.vn?.

TiniBanxe.vn interface is designed according to AIDA standards to increase user experience, in addition, TiniBanxe.vn is also integrated with AI platform to personalize users and we continuously innovate, filter information online. The user interface makes it easy for you to shop and stay up-to-date with Automotive Market Information. TinBanxe.vn is also a channel to update news about fast cars at home and abroad for readers.

By applying superior SEO technologies & techniques, auto market news is always quickly reached to users through search engines such as Google, Bing, Coccoc .... plus search engines With intelligent integration on the website, the optimal car buying and selling classification system, tinbanxe.vn will help shorten the time and connect sellers and buyers quickly.

In addition, tinbanxe.vn is also one of the leading car assessment and valuation service providers with a team of young staff passionate about car experience that will provide information on comparing car models for customers. 

In the near future, we will connect support services for units with users wishing to buy cars, including a system of dealers - car showrooms, warranty centers - prestigious garages. and car physical insurance, car loan support bank, insurance consulting company... Thanks to professional distillation and cooperation, the information conveyed to customers is always guaranteed to be the most accurate and reliable.
The Board of Directors reports the decision to invest in TiniBanxe.vn of the Board of Directors of E Com. The company

Vision and mission

We want to create tinbanxe.vn, the largest car buying and selling e-commerce platform in Vietnam in the next 3 years.
Tinbanxe.vn develops with the world after 10 years of establishment
Bringing customers the best value and experience.
Customer satisfaction is the future of business
Respect Professional attitude and handling is a priority

We believe that the combination of TinBanxe.VN's enthusiastic, experienced engineers and aspiration for change, together, we will transform ourselves into great success in the future.