Prayogik Technologies Private Limited

We M/s Prayogik Technologies is a recognized Company by (DPIIT36732) Govt of India, working towards remote power management solutions in harsh environments from -40deg to +70deg Celsius serving to Oil and Gas Industry, Military Services, Agricultural, Aerospace, Under Ocean, Telecommunication etc.

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We have Indigenously developed our new innovative technology i.e. TMSG-DC-200. 
Thermoelectric Module Static generator DC Power TMSG-DC-200 is a highly reliable remote power supply unit working with natural gas or propane. TMSG-DC-200 generates electrical power converting directly heat energy into electricity. It does not contain moving parts, has an extremely long lifetime and requires minimal service. Ignition starts working automatically as soon as fuel pressure appears in fuel pipe connection. TMSG-DC-200 is meant for use as an electric direct current (DC) power and heat source as part of an autonomous power supply source (APSS). As the core part of TMSG-DC medium temperature thermoelectric module is applied. Best efficiency and reliability, based on modern technologies and know-how provide ultimate parameters. TMSG runs unattended within one year in different climatic zones at an air temperature from -50℃ to +60℃ and relative air humidity up to 98%.
TMSG DC 200 (Thermoelectric Module Static Generator DC Power)
We are the first one in India and second in worldwide in providing thermoelectric generator having USP as given below :
1) Reliable Proven Power source from Last 50 years (as already been used by NASA in space-Voyager-1 Space satellite and submarines).
2)  Generates (24 X 7 X 365) Electricity output without dependency on Solar/Vendor operations.
3)  SKID Based Portable system. 
4)  No battery and steel structure.
5) No Moving Parts.
6) Once in a year Maintenance
7) +25years Life expectancy.
8) Integrated power system upto(+10KW).
9) meant to be run in harsh environments from -40deg to +70deg Celsius. 
10) Highly efficient as compared to existing solutions. 
11) No battery bank of 20,000Ah is required as in existing solutions which require space & huge costing.
12) Commercially 40% cheaper than any existing solutions.
13) Smaller in size, weight of the whole system.

We have a Product Vision to provide a highly reliable electric house Plug and play system with no moving parts to be served from -40 deg. Celsius  to +70 deg. Celsius at any location.

MIHPS (Modular Integrated Hybrid Power System)
MIHPS consist of flexible highest efficient PV modules integrated with highly reliable TMSG-DC power unit, Bladeless Wind Turbines and hybrid charge controller made up of military grade DC-DC converter with MPPT technology is a Modular, portable, plug and play E-house with remotely controlling, monitoring system.

MIHPS (Modular Integrated Hybrid Power System)

TMSG DC Working Principle
TGM is a thermoelectric generating module that works on Seebeck effect i.e. if there is a sufficient temperature difference between the materials (PN Junction diode) EMF would be generated across the terminals. Using modules in series of each having voltage 6V DC @ 65watt power we are able to generate electricity upto 1kW @27V DC without any moving parts use to charge batteries and other applications.
TMSG-DC is a thermoelectric based static power generator consisting of a metal heat receiver attached to a heat source and a heat sink bolted together with a TGM Mars between them.
Solar and TMSG DC

Bladeless Wind Turbine
An environmentally friendly aerogenerator which needs no blades. It is a new wind energy technology specially designed for on-site generation in residential areas, being able to work on-grid, off- grid, or along with regular solar panels or other generators.
Bladeless Wind Turbine
Bladeless wind turbine is not actually a turbine, since it does not rotate. It is based on the phenomenon of aeroelastic resonance, this way the device oscillates with a quiet non-aggressive movement which makes it perfect to be placed anywhere without disturbing wildlife.

Clean Energy Venture Group - Emission Calculations

Emissions Reduction Potential between now and 2050 (GT)  < 0.001
Provided Values
kWhr of grid-generated electricity reduced per year  :  8,760.0
Tons of CO2 abated per year  :   178.9
Years of impact per unit sold  :   25.00
Units/Year at Maximum Adoption  :   3
Years Until Maximum Adoption  :   2.0
GHG savings per annum
Our Indigenous technology TMSG-DC is a blue flame combustion which is the cleanest combustion on earth.
Due to which our product doesn’t emit so much of greenhouse gases during combustion but for calculation we may proceed for 14.2Kg of LPG in one year of combustion in our chamber of 1Sq. Feet with blue flame combusted nearby 31,372 Gallons of LPG.
After calculations, 
Total CO2 Equivalent emissions (metric tons) under stationary combustion based product = 178.889  in one year of continuous operation 
Total CH4 Equivalent emissions (metric tons) under stationary combustion based product= 0.008784 in one year of continuous operation 
Total N2O Equivalent emissions (metric tons)  under  stationary combustion based product= 0.00188 in one year of continuous operation.