FORSTUM ® [by Smart Forest]

We a creating FORSTUM - a marketplace of FOREST ASSETS/INVESTING opportunities, a platform that changes every TREE into a collectible NFT, tradable DIGITAL ASSET, making FOREST INVESTING & CRYPTO NUMISMATICS.

Xếp hạng 60
Định giá startup
Đơn giá cổ phần $10,000 SW
Cổ phần có thể bán 87.0%
Cơ cấu sở hữu cổ phần
Võ Kim Hà

Võ Kim Hà 1.0%

Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi

Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi 2.0%

Van Nguyen 5.0%

Andrea Plawutsky 5.0%

Iwa Pawlak 87.0%

We are creating FORSTUM - a marketplace for FOREST ASSETS = FOREST INVESTING opportunities. 

Our platform changes every TREE into a collectible NFT, tradable DIGITAL ASSET (on the blockchain) making FOREST INVESTING & CRYPTO NUMISMATIC - feasible for everyone.

People want to invest in agroforestry business models all over the world, but the barrier to entry for these markets is too high (10k+ EUR), there are complicated investment tools, low liquidity, low transparency, and high regulation.

Some farmers/planters cannot attract enough money for their agroforestry business models.

We want to transfer humanity from using wood from natural forests to using wood from plantations (tree farms). This will increase the efficiency of wood and cellulose production by 20-30 times, and save natural forest bio-eco-systems from destruction. It will also increase the absorption of carbon from the atmosphere by 20-30 times.

We want to develop a culture of investing in living assets - trees and forests.

The idea of FORSTUM ® [by Smart Forest] is a result of our knowledge and experience in IT, investing, stock exchange, and forestry. We started out searching for and developing the best forest investment opportunities for ourselves. Later, we got a lot of interest from our friends, acquaintances & others, therefore we decided to share these opportunities with a wider audience on the marketplace.

FORSTUM advantages:
+ Each tree has its own TREE PASSPORT, a digital certificate (NFT) for divisibility and liquidity.
+ 1 UNIQUE COLLECTIBLE CARD = 1 asset  = 1 token (NFT)
+ Each asset is secured with 3 levels of value: timber/wood, carbon credit, collectible value.
+ ANTI-SPECULATIVE ASSET, any moment is good for buying and selling
+ Highly accurate CO2 calculation in real-time, per tree. 
+ Assets can be used for increasing the loyalty of employees/customers.