Engineerforce Inc

We will continue to create products that reduce the workload of engineers and maximize their value for system integrators.

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Hi My name is Yoshiaki iida and CEO of Engineerforce Inc from Japan.
Today, I would like to introduce our product to great attenders

We are creating Saas Product which is specifically designed for IT engineers to make estimating man-hours easier and more accurate.

<Back ground>
Making estimates is a time-consuming task for many engineers and takes up a great deal of their time.

Also, in many cases, the basis for creating estimates is made in Excel, which makes it difficult to find Excel files, and the information is not shared.

<Our Product>
So We have decided to create our own products to break through this situation.

If you create an estimate with our system, you can type in a keyword and similar projects will be recommended to you because past tasks are stored in our database.
you don't have to search around the spreadsheets on the server anymore.

You can also define the scope of information to be shared by creating teams.
Of course, it can be issued as a quotation as it is.

It also allows you to manage your forecast and actual results.