We are a technology company solving the challenge of finding the right size apparel for shoppers. Our Web and Mobile App recommends the best-fitted size with available style, color, material, virtual preview. It also lists where to buy it, either nearby retail stores or eCommerce sites, so the shop

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Size is one of the critical decisions for everyone to buy apparel. It differs on brand, retail, store, and online and relay size chart and trials.

Do you get what you see: Shopper doubts if apparel will fit my style, prefer colour, material, looks and right match with other clothes.  

Location and Price: There is no platform available today for everyone to shop based on the ideal size and style nearby store and online on preferring location and price.


Market Size

Market Opportunity

We are solving a massive problem in clothes shopping, which is picking the right size clothes through cutting-edge technologies (including AI) without trying them on.  Our products get your measurements from the pictures, or you can manually provide them. Then we will utilize this measurement to validate and match the size with a wide range of clothes collections and project you the best match.  Selecting the right-sized clothes for the family and friends whose sizes are unknown can also be made possible.
Market Validation


Use Cases:

Size Corner: In-Store Experience

In-Store Experience Every clothing showroom will have a place for Trial Room. It majorly comes into play when there is a question about the size and fit of the clothing. According to a survey, most of the customers prefer not to use the trial room due to various reasons.

What if there is an alternative to the Trial Room? What if the clothes can be validated virtually by the shopper? What if the shopper can easily pick their best fit? 
The one answer for all the questions is our Size Corner product.

Size Corner provides a virtual interface to test the clothes through their app without entering the trial room. The best fit can be filtered and purchased directly.

Size Guarantee : Online Experience
Online Experience: Apparel eCommerce product page displays only a size chart, so a shopper has to guess their size and place an order. And there is no guarantee that the product will fit the shopper, and they have no option to validate it before the purchase. 

Size Guarantee provides size recommendations and helps to pick a matched product based on customer body measurements. We will be calculating body measurements with our AI-powered engine without storing shoppers' pictures as we respect their privacy. 




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