Xedi - Friendly electric motorbike

1. Xedi is an electric motorbike which is environmentally-friendly, user-friendly and supports most people's travel needs. 2. Xedi electric motorbike rental model at a reasonable cost, promoting the community awareness to protect the environment and human health, reduce traffic dust and noise.

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Current price of 1% equity $50,000 SW
Equity can be sold 91.95%
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Trần Thanh Hiếu 2.0%

Nguyễn Thị Diệu Hằng 5.0%

Bùi Phương Thảo

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Oanh Nguyễn Thị Kim 1.0%

Trần Nguyễn Khánh Tường

Trần Nguyễn Khánh Tường 91.95%

   Greetings to everyone!

   I am Tran Nguyen Khanh Tuong – Founder of Xedi - Friendly electric motorbike.

   With the desire of protecting the environment and public health, I and my colleagues are building a model of Xedi electric motorbike rental service at a reasonable fee, promoting the community awareness to reduce traffic dust and noise, heading towards a sustainable future.

   Xedi is the model of electric motorcycles that we research and develop by ourselves.

   Xedi is eco-friendly and user-friendly, adapts most people's daily travel needs.

   1. Create and commercialize an electric motorcycle model which is easy-to-use for everyone.
   2. Popularize the “green-vehicles” in Vietnam as soon as possible.

   - Protect environment and human’s health
   - Provide customer satisfaction
   - Be a pride for our staff
   - Be fair to our partners
   Vision to 2025:
   Become Top 3 green vehicle brand in Vietnam
   - 2021: Completing commercial products, building personnel, systems, infrastructure.
   - 2022: Continue to complete the internal and commercial system with the target of 1,000 vehicles launched to the market.
   - 2023: 20.000 vehicles launched to the market
   - 2024: Increase 30.000 vehicles for sales
   - 2025: Increase 50.000 vehicles for sales

   Environment protection is anevitable trend of advanced countries in the world. However, in Vietnam, why are electric motorbikes not widely used?

   In March 2018, I witnessed an accident involving an electric motorbike.
   That morning, I was sitting at the bar opposite the secondary school, when I saw two male students carrying each other on an electric motorbike crossing the street.
In the middle of the busy traffic, the electric motorbike kept moving back and forth tentatively. Just a while later, there was a loud bang, along with someone's shrill scream. Two students fell on the road. A motorbike staggered away but didn't forget to throw some curse words. Fortunately, the 2 students only suffered minor scratches.

   That accident reminds me of when I was in 11th grade (in 2005), it was the first time I rode an electric bicycle, borrowed from a classmate. With 10 years of experience going to school by bicycle, but I couldn’t cross the street with that electric bicycle.
   If the electric bicycle is not pulled on the accelerator, the pedal is very heavy, but when you pull the accelerator, it takes a while for the engine to start pushing the bike forward. On the road at this time, another car was approaching, so I had to release the accelerator and use my foot to reverse backwards. Hestitating in middle of the street for a while, finally, I decided to get off the bicycle and walk it across the street.
   In late 2018 and early 2019, a large and well-known corporation in Vietnam launched a high-quality electric motorbike using German technology. I went with a few friends to test the product, they loved the motorbike… until… they acrossed the street…

   I have researched and developed successfully Xedi electric motobike to overcome this problem.
   The commercial version of Xedi launched in 2022 will have the following highlighted features:

1.     Easy to control:sensitive accelerator, reasonable delayal time for speed up, easy control.
2.     Further distance of travel:150Km/charge – Charging time: 5 hours
3.     Durability:Xedi uses LIFEPO4 batteries with a lifespan of 10 years.
                      Xedi can withstand flooding with a depth of 0.5m for 30 minutes.
4.     Convenience:Xedi batteries can be recharged at any time, without having to exhaust the battery capacity.
5.     Friendly to the environment and people: Xedi's batteries are non-toxic, non-explosive in case of an accident, easy to re-use and recycle.

   We are building a Xedi electric motorbike rental business model with a reasonable fee, promoting the community awareness to protect the environment and human health by reducing traffic dust and noise, but still well meet the travel needs of people.

   Xedi motorbike rental business model is suitable for everyone.

   In addition, the customers that we are particularly targeting on right now are shippers, who maximize the value of personal transportation, but they are also a source of high air pollution emissions caused by their vehicles.
   Xedi rental fee includes initial deposit fee and recurring rental fee:
   Initial deposit: 2.000.000VND, will be refunded to the customer at the end of the contract.
   Recurring rental fee: user can select one of below options:
   - Monthly package: 1.100.000VND
   - 3-month package: 3.000.000VND
   - 6-month package: 5.400.000VND

Table of average 5-year investment costs of a shipper (excluding repair costs when damaged, we assume that the repair costs of the two methods (1) and (2) are the same).
Table of average 5-year investment costs of a shipper (excluding repair costs when damaged, we assume that the repair costs of the two methods (1) and (2) are the same).

To make Xedi project successful, I need more like-minded partners, experienced mentors, supportive investors as well as your encouragement and companion!

   Let’s accompany together for a green Vietnam!

   Sincerely thank you for your attention!

Founder: Trần Nguyễn Khánh Tường.
[email protected]