TSDESIGN - Solutions for Design Consulting and Interactive visualization of Virtual Reality on Website.

We create and develop interactive virtual reality visualizations cross-platform, but the focus will be on the website for businesses and customers. Design consultancy, sales support, experience the online product in a whole new way: exciting, simple, and effective.

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Current price of 1% equity $100,000 SW
Equity can be sold 99.0%
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Hoàng Anh Tuấn 1.0%

Hoàng Anh Tuấn

Hoàng Anh Tuấn 99.0%

Hello, Startup Wheel 2021. We are TSDesign – Solutions for Design Consulting and Interactive visualization of Virtual Reality on the website.

The construction and real estate trading and rental industries have both developed and grown very steadily in recent years. Urban projects develop strongly and demand for real estate investment increases, making design consulting services more opportunities for development.
Let's join hands to overcome the pandemic!

Covid 19 occurred in the last 2 years has pushed purchasing trends and the use of online services develop quickly. Not out of this trend, Tsdesign has researched, deployed, and marketed 2 main services

The first is a design consulting service package with an online visualization platform.
This package includes a set of online design documents and a real-life experience of project animation on the website.

Product demo: https://tsdesign.vn/dien-hoa-3d/


The second is multi-platform virtual reality interactive animation packages for businesses that need to digitize, experience services, or introduce products. The focus will also be on the website platform.

We can offer services with the same price and execution time as traditional design consulting packages, but with outstanding features and almost no unit in Vietnam provides.


The orientation is "New wine in old bottle", although the consulting model is traditional, it takes the technology platform as an advantage to dominate the market and compete with competitors. This business model accounts for 70% of the resources in the early stages.


The parallel combination is a plan to deploy virtual reality interactive visualization services, experience tours, and product showrooms for a variety of units and businesses.

Although facing many difficulties, B2B sales will be a stable model and bring a lot of growth potential for us in the future.

After analyzing the market, potential customers, competitors, and other factors, we have come up with a roadmap and a specific business plan for both models, in the period 2021-2023, our goal is to become the leading technology design consultancy in Vietnam. With many competitive advantages and special products, we will dominate the design consulting market and make solutions an inevitable trend.


Tsdesign believe that we will bring a lot of value and experience in each design drawing to our customers.
    Thank you very much for your support and customers!
    Any interest in cooperation or investment with TSD, please contact:

   TSD Design Consulting Joint Stock Company
   Address: 2/73 Nhat Chieu, Tay Ho, Ha Noi
   Mobile Phone: (084) 933 508 666 (HotLine)
   Email: [email protected]/[email protected]
   Website: https://tsdesign.vn/

  Hope you all support our project!