Tete - your music companion

Practice musical instrument with the songs you know and love. Get instant feedback from professional pianists around the world.

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We are music educators from Boston University and HCMC Conservatory of Music, together with experts in digital business ranging from mobile game to ecommerce on global scale. 

We build Tete - a 1:1 music tutoring platform that can both facilicate online learning and help students find practicing effectively and intriguing.

    1. Evergreen Music Scores Library

An evergreen music scores library with a focus on popular song and piece that can help students find and store their favorite music, play back and practice at their own convenience.

With our interactive sheet music, students can replay a specific section until they perfect it.
Music Scores Library

     2. Chat tool with in-line player

Teachers and students can exchange feedback right on the measure, phrase that they are working on, right in the chat tool. With one-on-one and group messaging available, teachers can keep their students updated and engaged. On the otherside, students are encouraged to exchange their performance with teachers and peers to get constructive feedback and inspire other friends.

Chat tool for Music Learners

      3. AI listens and analyzes learners' exercises

Learning with Tete is easy and fun. Practice notes and chords interactively and receive instant feedback.
Sound Recognition & Mistake Analysis

      4. Virtual performing stage

Worked like a social platform where students can share their performance to their friends.
Livestream & Comments

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