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Skyware provides cutting edge Technology solutions for Agri warehouses. Our vision is to revolutionize the post-harvest industry through the data-driven intelligent decision-making system.

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Overview of SKYWARE

Skyware provides cutting-edge Technology solutions for Agri warehouses. Our vision is to revolutionize the post-harvest industry through the data-driven intelligent decision-making system.

According to the UN report, every year 1.3 Billion metric tonnes of food is wasted in the post-harvest space i.e they don’t even reach the markets after they are harvested from the field. 
In India, annual storage losses have been estimated at nearly 100-million tonnes worth Rs. 93,000 crores
This results in food shortages, seasonal availability, and increased pricing of the commodity for the regular people.

Through extensive market research and analysis, we discovered that these huge storage losses are the result of unscientific storage methods based on assumptions, spoilage caused by insects, rats, rodents, microorganisms, and so on, and a lack of a viable system to track environmental impact inside the warehouses. 
Skyware aspires to trim down these massive losses through IoT and AI-enabled scientific storage systems that forecast spoilage using real-time data modelling and optimise the shelf life of the harvest.
We provide IoT-based monitoring devices to deeply understand the health of the commodity with AI backed virtual assistant for automated maintenance and remote support through our SAAS model.

We are at the pre-revenue stage. Our business strategy is b2b and b2g with potential channels in the public and private sector which includes Food corporation of India, CWCs and SWCs, private warehousing companies, Cold storage, farmer associations, Agri Exporters and supply chain service providers.

The Indian warehouse automation industry is valued at 86.2 billion USD growing at a CAGR of 26.4%

We have a diverse team comprised of young, energetic brains as well as a pool of Industry Experts for mentoring and advisory help in Legal, Business, Technology, and Agriculture.

We are certified by Startup India and backed by prestigious Govt. of India Incubators namely-
Electropreneur Park, a technology business incubator funded by MeitY and STPI 
Another is CCS NIAM, an Agribusiness Incubator affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture
And The Nexus Incubator has trained us in technology commercialization. They are a consortium of the US Embassy and ACIR in India. 
Skyware is recognized in the top 50 international startups by Vietnam, In the Startup Wheel competition and was also awarded the best project by the ministry of human resources govt. Of India

A. Problem Description
It is observed that there is a surplus amount of production of agricultural goods in the country, still, the demand of the people isn't met. When we tried to dig deep into the problem, we could figure out huge post-harvest storage losses ranging from 5% up to 25% due to unscientific storage and mismanagement of the commodities. There are multiple organizations like Food Corporation of India, Central Warehousing Corporation, WDRA, ICAR, IGMRI, Adani group, Reliance etc. focusing on the storage and maintenance of goods.
Agricultural and non-agricultural commodities contain varying levels of moisture and
temperature. Some fresh and perishable commodities contain high moisture content which is an essential criterion to govern crispness and juiciness. There are some commodities that require low moisture levels to increase the life of commodities during storage. Storage of Agricultural and non-agricultural commodities depend upon various parameters/factors such as light, temperature, relative humidity, moisture migration, etc. In case the commodities/products are exposed to unacceptable levels of moisture, they might get spoiled, due to oxidation.

We know the climate is unpredictable and varies regularly. The temperature, moisture, and gas concentration have never been stable. The regular variation is responsible for influencing the commodities which are kept in storage warehouses.
These losses can be due to Abiotic, Biotic, and some External factors. Temperature, Moisture, Volatile chemicals, and gaseous concentration play a major role in influencing the quality of food grains. These factors also influence biotic factors like insects, rodents and birds in the storage warehouses. 
Mismanagement and theft of the commodities have caused a huge loss too. 
The losses of up to Rs. 93,000 crores have been observed during the storage and post-harvest management.

B. Detailed Solution
The present invention relates to the field of the climate monitoring system and
more particularly relates to the system and method for real-time monitoring of the climatic conditions of the agricultural and non-agricultural commodities during storage in a stack.
The invention lies around Embedded system design and data analytics models.
The idea extends around the latest technology of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and wireless sensor networks.
We have also introduced a machine learning model to adapt to the surroundings and adapt constantly from the real-time data.
In addition to this, Blockchain technology is used for inventory management.
The system is responsible for real-time monitoring of the climatic conditions for the agricultural & non-agricultural commodities storage in the stack and defines the health parameter accordingly. The storage shelf life, Spoilage prediction, and real-time commodity health will be determined accordingly.

Spoilage Prediction: Analyzing the growth of microorganisms that lead to spoilage. Through the real-time data modeling, the system would identify the microorganism at an early stage and alert the authority 
Shelf Life Prediction: Calculate the shelf life based on multiple parameters. Alert the authority before the shelf life max out. This can also be used for procurement of the commodities and manage the inventory

Real-Time Commodity health matrix: The system would give a real-time health score for quality analysis. It is easier to understand the technical complexities 

Automated Maintenance: Activities Artificial Intelligence-based automated activities planner. The system acts as a virtual assistant for the warehouse manager

In accordance, the warehouse management system improves efficiency by automating maintenance activities. And the warehouse manager, the customer can remotely access the system over the internet.

C. Unique Selling Proposition/Novelty
We are developing an effective Internet of Things and Data Analytics-based framework to minimize storage losses by predicting spoilage, shelf life, pre-existing maintenance activities. Procurement and mitigation should be prepared in a timely manner. This reduces storage losses up to 95 percent.
The device has been designed in such a creative way that it is ideally suited to the existing warehouse structure. The device improves the current system at the warehouses.

What is in the box? Spoilage Prediction, Real-time shelf life prediction, Commodity health index, Early pest/insect detection, worker management, remote access to the warehouse, and scientific treatment guide.

D. Scalability

Being a scientific research company, with our depth of BioTechnology with specialization in Post Harvest, we could help many individuals to build their own warehouses. Also, play the role of a Consultant company when it comes to storage.

E. Traction Forecast

F. Funding
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