ProfilePrint is a Global Food Ingredient Search Engine platform powered by patented A.I. fingerprint technology.

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Founded in 2017, ProfilePrint is an agri-food tech start-up funded by international venture funds, the Singapore government as well as strategic investors. ProfilePrint is the world’s first to have developed and successfully patented an A.I. food fingerprint technology, empowering users to rapidly search and ascertain quality as well as other characteristics of food ingredient online. ProfilePrint is based in Singapore with a global sales offices in Europe, Japan and China.

Taking a step back 20 years ago when google was founded, search engine 1.0 was based on key words, where searchers keys in keywords, and sources provides keywords to be matched, and google plays the matching role, and we know today how the data is monetized. In the last 10 years, search engine 2.0 evolved from keyword to richer metadata, photo, where buyers search based on photo, seller provides photo to be match, and platforms like Google lens or Taobao matches the photo.

We believe the future of search engine will go beyond single dimensional keyword or 2 dimensional photos into multi- dimensional molecular signatures.

Search engine 3.0 allows buyers to search digital fingerprint based on molecular signature, called ProfilePrint. Sellers provides the ProfilePrint to be matched, and our platform provides the match.

ProfilePrint’s competitive edge lies is that with the digital fingerprint match, we are able to help stakeholders in the food ingredient supply chain source at a way lower price, helping them to discover underpriced products of right quality from less pricey countries.

ProfilePrint achieved turnover of near US$1 million for the last 12 months, and expects to triple the revenue in 2022. The company has also completed a pre-series A fundraising round last year and has expanded to serve international markets including China, Indonesia and Vietnam, and planning for series A fundraising round by Q4 2021.

The ProfilePrint technology is built with 3 underlying fundamentals, metabolomics, A.I. and sensor technology. Metabolomics, the newest of the “omic” sciences that rapidly identifies metabolites with strong correlation to physical attributes such as quality, taste and freshness, and more powerful A.I. coupled with the decreasing cost of detectors have opened up the opportunity. The result is ProfilePrint, which learns from human experts and lab results, empowering an untrained user to perform like an expert. The technology focuses on the agrifood industry, addressing the problems faced by large food brands, manufacturers and wholesalers as well as SME traders and farmers. ProfilePrint's key value proposition to our clients is enhancing ingredient sourcing / consistent quality assurance / product development capability with the following differential advantages in the highly competitive food landscape:
·       Speed and Consistency: ProfilePrint takes just a few seconds to ascertain quality without the need for human expertise, which has a high degree of subjectivity.
·       DIY Artificial Intelligence: Users can self-create A.I. models easily by training it without prior technical background, allowing expertise to be retained in the company.
·       Cost-effectiveness: Affordable and portable technical capability to improve time and resource efficiency.
With our patented technology, ProfilePrint synthesises complex interrelated parameters and sensory data into a single digital fingerprint, rapidly predicting quality and profile of a food sample within seconds. With 5g of the sample, the analyser acquires the unique fingerprint without destroying the samples and provide the results in real time. Instead of packaging labels, reports or QR code, ProfilePrint analyses the samples directly at molecular level and can be used seamlessly by stakeholders in the supply chain, retrieving real-time results from anywhere.