MK Co., Ltd.

Our company MK's goal is deliver customer needs with a new paradigm in the automotive aftermarket market.

Ranking 87
Current valuation
Current price of 1% equity $8,000 SW
Equity can be sold 97.5%
Ownership structure
Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi

Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi 0.5%

Jason Kim 1.0%

An-Thanh Ha 1.0%


Mooyoung,Byun 97.5%

Our company, MK, provides various service and products that has reasonable price and high quality through our platform.

We help our customer maintain and improve your equipment economically and efficiently.

We provide our service and product to Car maintain factory like  Kia, Hyundai, Lotte etc.

We are doing R&D, manufactoring, distribuing ourself. and we running factory and lab also.

We already got 1.2 millian dollar investment and  are funding 1 millian dollar more.

Our services key function is disinfection and deodorization in a customized space in an enclosed space that 
requires disinfection By utilizing ozone during disinfection and deodorization operations, ozone concentration measuring sensors are used to control the amount of ozone generated and to block harmful effects of the human body by removing residual ozone after disinfection

Improve psychological anxiety about infecuious diseases by visualizing the results of disinfection process in detail and sharing them with unspecified people.

The main place of use is the facilities and releated service industires with a large number of unspecified utilization rates like car rental, taxi and bus companies that require periodic in the vehicle, Vehicle maintenance company to provide vehicle disinfection service after vehicle maintenance, Multi-use facilities such as restaurants, cafes, and accommodations , Individual vehicle owners who wish to create pleasant air in the vehicle interior 

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