Hihome.vn - E-commerce platform for construction industry

Hihome is the leading trading floor dedicated to the construction sector in Vietnam. Help customers find, evaluate and connect with suppliers quickly, simply and effectively. We are always a companion to create true values ​​for families' homes Vietnam.

Ranking 14
Current valuation
Current price of 1% equity $10,000,000 SW
Equity can be sold 88.91%
Ownership structure

Phạm Duy Trung 1.0%

le trong

le trong 1.0%

Mr. Ngô Anh Ngọc 1.0%

Trần Văn Quí

Trần Văn Quí 1.0%

Hồng Hà

Hồng Hà 0.1%

Nguyễn Tiến Dũng 0.04%


ĐỚI VÂN 0.04%

Nguyễn Kim Ngân 0.03%


Viên Nhung

Viên Nhung 5.84%



Đới Thế Thành 0.02%

Lê Viết Nam

Lê Viết Nam 0.01%

Vũ Văn Hoàng 88.91%

Hihome.vn - E-commerce platform for construction industry

Hihome is a trusted community that helps people to search, evaluate and comment on addresses, goods information, service quality of units operating in the field of construction in most provinces and cities. cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Can Tho… from website or mobile application. The Hihome platform connects customers with the locations, services and products of most large and small businesses and individuals across the country. Hihome is an e-commerce ecosystem dedicated to the manufacturing and business industries in the construction industry.

Easy search
Smart search engine by entering keywords by name address, service, product or name area. The search system uses suggestions & quick view information, helping you find the fastest location and service.

Clear classification
Hihome categorizes the most detailed types of locations, services by area, topic, type... This helps users easily filter out the required locations and services in the fastest time. 

Comments & Reviews
Hihome allows members to comment, rate places, services or products. This helps the community have a more objective, transparent and fair view of the supplier's activities on Hihome. Due to the characteristics of each different service, Hihome clearly categorizes each topic, category... This is the difference of Hihome compared to other units.

Vision and mission
“Hihome” plays a part in promoting the construction industry to develop in the direction of digital technology, solving problems according to the 4.0 technology trend on website and smart mobile platforms. "Hihome" helps bring products in production and business such as building materials, design and construction of houses, interior and exterior decoration, electricity and water, etc., connecting the services of businesses such as companies and shops. , teams, individual architects, engineers, builders come to customers in the easiest, most convenient and fastest way.

Through the application and website, customers can search for related products and services in construction by scanning the area around them to search and observe the best products, quickly and directly, as transparent and transparent as possible. On the contrary, based on websites and applications, businesses, teams and individuals can also promote images and information about their services or products to customers easily and conveniently without losing too much money. With more time and expense invested in building your own website or other marketing channels, the business environment becomes more convenient, transparent, easy and professional.

Hihome – Bring the world to your home!
Hihome.vn - The leading construction trading platform in Vietnam
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