HERAMO - Premium Laundry & Cleaning App

HERAMO - The 1st on-demand premium laundry & cleaning service in Vietnam which has been found with mission to liberate people from laundry & housework, give time back to them to live their life.

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Current valuation
Current price of 1% equity $80,000,000 SW
Equity can be sold 67.91%
Ownership structure

Bich Van 1.42%

Van Nguyen 1.0%

Phuong Lam Quach 1.65%

Hong Mai 1.0%

Thu Thanh 0.5%

Gia Bao 1.0%

Bo bui 2.0%

Nguyễn Thị Diệu Hằng 0.89%

Misen 1.9%

Ying Ma 2.0%

Trịnh Huy 3.88%

Trịnh Huy 2.0%

Johana Himmel 0.21%

Quach Quach 1.06%

Huy Nguyễn

Huy Nguyễn 1.0%

Ngoc Anh 1.0%

minh lưu 0.28%

Van Nguyen 0.53%

Hong Mai 0.12%

Huy Nguyễn

Huy Nguyễn 0.09%

Nguyen Giang Chau 1.25%

Châu Giang 0.03%

Trịnh Huy 0.01%

Ms. Phí Thị Linh Giang 1.0%

Huỳnh Thị Cẩm Tiên 0.01%

My Tra 0.66%

Thu Thanh 0.24%

Ngoc Anh 0.01%

Bo bui 0.25%

Châu Giang 0.05%

Đào Hoàng Minh

Đào Hoàng Minh 0.04%

Châu Giang 0.01%

Thu Thanh 1.0%

Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi

Huỳnh Thị Bích Chi 1.0%

My Tra 1.0%

Johana Himmel 2.0%

Lê Phước Phúc 67.91%


HERAMO was born with the mission to free millions of people from the burden of laundry, cleaning & household works, giving them time to enjoy life. With a vision to become one of the leading service technology companies in Vietnam & Southeast Asia in this field. After nearly 4 years of establishment, HERAMO has grown to become one of the leading brands in Ho Chi Minh City in the laundry, shoe cleaning, dry cleaning industry with doorstep delivery. The company started with 2 members, is now creating about 100 jobs for employees & partners, achieving revenue of about 5 billion VND in 2020 despite the raging epidemic.

With the market demand has been verified through researches and surveys of more than 2500 people lasting for 3 years and nearly 40,000 customers have trusted & satisfied with the company's services. We are confident of the obvious feasibility of this model. With the market growing at an average of 25%-30% per year, plus the rapid growth of the middle-class in Vietnam and the increasingly widespread adoption of online services, on-demand delivery in urban users, HERAMO is planning towards faster & stronger growth in the coming years.

Built and developed by a team of founders with intensive startup experience as well as experienced leadership and senior management positions in leading companies and corporations in Vietnam. HERAMO operates and rises around a solid, modern & scientific management foundation with the mission and customer centricity as a northstar; with the organization built around the core values and strong culture; with technology & data and deep understanding of customers and markets as the basis for decisions & operations. Thanks to that, HERAMO is constantly evolving and we are confident to continue driving the organization forward towards its vision & mission.

In the following years, based on a foundation of constantly improving technology, data science, deep customer & industry insights, and a strong customer-centric organization, HERAMO will accelerate its brand & growth. Promote the brand and expand Online (mobile app, partnership) as well as Offline (offline chain / franchise) channels to reach the number #1 position in Vietnam in the technology service industry of laundry, dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, and achieve strong position for other home services. We aim to build a strong & sustainable organization to create value & serve society, create thousands to tens of thousands of jobs, and achieve lasting profits.

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The goddess HERA in Greek mythology represents women & family happiness. We borrow this image of this goddess to name our company, to constantly remind ourselves of the mission we pursue:

“Freeing people from the burden of laundry, cleaning & household works; bring back time for them to enjoy life with their loved ones and family.”


At the end of 2016, while on the road, we suddenly noticed an image, it was a woman in front of the laundromat, her kid and groceries were on the motorbike. Accompanied by a few bags of bedding items just taken out of the laundromat. The woman was quite struggling to cope with all these things and the baby.

I thought to myself, what if there was a service like Uber/Grab for this laundry service? At that time Uber/Grab was on the way to popularizing a kind of on-demand door-to-door service at the touch of a button, leveraging the power of technology.

After spending more time thinking about it, we found this idea exciting because:
  1. The need for laundry is real & there is still a large number of people using laundry services outside. Carrying clothes back and forth from the laundromat is a real hassle, I experienced it all through my college days.
  2. Back to myself, I used to suffer with doing my own laundry. Later, when choosing a laundromat outside, I also faced problems e.g. color fading, damaged, mistaken or lost items. Then bringing it home is also quite troublesome. The first thing I bought for my family was also a washing machine. My co-founder even has a washing machine but still has many problems with drying, ironing...
  3. 10 or 50 years from now, people will still need laundry. Even when many materials allow no washing, there are still a lot of things that must be laundered and dry cleaned (especially expensive or difficult to wash).
I and my Co-founder started to analyze this idea more.


We have embarked on 2 things:
  • Quantitative and qualitative research about nearly 200 people, including friends and colleagues.
  • Bring our own clothes to experience the service of more than 20 laundromats across the city to find out the current state of the industry in the market.
From there we confirm our assumptions about this service:
  1. About 30% of the sample of 200 people still do laundry outside. More than 50% of the total 200 samples, still use outside services for difficult to wash items such as vests, dresses, shoes, sofas, curtains, etc.
  2. Most of them have had problems with service quality: damaged, wrong and lost items. The service in traditional stores is still very fragmented and lacks professionalism with customers. Bringing things to the store yourself is confirmed to be a hassle and a waste of time.
  3. About 33% of confirmed samples are willing to pay about 20% more cost if there is a service that meets quality expectations and has door-to-door delivery.
With the above survey results, we have more evidence to believe that laundry & cleaning is really a challenge that needs to be solved seriously and thoroughly.


HERAMO brings millions of families a service technology platform - helping to solve all laundry & cleaning tasks, including:

5/ AC Cleaning
These services are all handled by a network of top partners (vendors) that are carefully selected and ensure the strict quality criteria of HERAMO, which are controlled by the company's Quality Control team.

The delivery is done at home by the company's well-trained delivery staff. In addition, customers can still send items at the offline store chain.

We set out 3 core values and strive to bring to our customers every day, including:

  • Book all laundry, dry cleaning, household cleaning services on a single mobile app, with just a few buttons. No need to search for many services from many different companies.
  • Two-way door-to-door delivery, free or minimal cost. Delivery of many services at the same time.
  • Track orders & items anytime, anywhere at HERAMO's web or app.
  • Each item is checked, classified, selected suitable treatment plan and strictly controlled for quality after treatment by HERAMO's Quality Control team.
  • Items are handled by a carefully selected vendor network, operating according to HERAMO's strict quality standards.
  • Processing requirements and item information are controlled throughout the cycle by a technology system, ensuring accurate processing and highest customer satisfaction.
  • Each item after inspection is mounted with a barcode, and controlled throughout the processing cycle, ensuring safety to avoid loss, or mixing up.
  • With a well-trained Quality Control team and strict quality control process, along with the ability to follow orders at all times with technology will ensure maximum peace of mind for customers.
  • HERAMO's customer-centric team will ensure to handle any arising problems, if any, to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is HERAMO's number 1 goal.


Target customer segment

HERAMO targets its services to office workers, managers, freelancers and has an income level of A1 or more. This group of customers has a busy lifestyle, is tech savvy & loves convenience, often prioritizing on-demand services with door-to-door delivery. In addition, this customer group is also very interested in issues related to quality & professionalism.

Total addressable market size and growth rate

Based on the total number of items on the market (shoes, clothes), type, average value of each item as reported by Statista, combined with HERAMO historical activity data on frequency of service use & estimated cleaning prices, calculations show that the market size of this service industry is up to 300 million USD in total, with an annual growth rate of 10% for laundry, home cleaning, air conditioning and cleaning services. 20 - 30% for dry cleaning & shoe cleaning services.
In addition, according to a report by WeAreSocial, the value of the online food delivery and delivery market grew strongly by 45.9%. It can be said that the trend of users using the internet and smartphones to shop and order services on-demand is increasing rapidly. HERAMO's development and launch of a mobile application providing on-demand laundry & cleaning services will be in line with user & market trends.
The chart below forecasts the growth rate of the middle class in Vietnam from 2021 to 2026 according to Worldbank. Vietnam is considered one of the countries with the fastest growing middle class in Southeast Asia BMI Market Report.
The middle class will often be willing to spend more on services that provide convenient, time-saving and professional lifestyle. Therefore, the rapid growth of the middle class will bring many advantages to HERAMO - an application specializing in providing high-quality cleaning & laundry services on demand.


We believe that, with our relentless efforts to bring values ​​and realize HERAMO's promises to customers & the community, in the next 10 years:

HERAMO will become one of the largest lifestyle & home service technology platforms in Southeast Asia - helping tens of millions of customers with laundry, cleaning & houseworks tasks, take care of their families so that they have more time to spend with loved ones, fulfill their happiness and improve their quality of life.


1/ Co-Founder: LE PHUC PHUC
  • 15 years of experience in technology, start-up, product development & management, business & operation management for industries: E-commerce, Marketplace, Fintech, Healthcare, SaaS...
  • Head of Online (Digital Transformation) at Home Credit Vietnam, one of the leading consumer finance companies in Vietnam, a subsidiary of Home Credit International. Formerly the Product Director of Cho Tot, the #1 Marketplace & Classifieds platform in Vietnam serves more than 10 million users per month.
  • Graduated with a bachelor's degree in tourism management from the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City and then an MBA from the ISB Institute, the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh and Western Sydney University (Australia).
  • Before joining HERAMO, Ms. Phuong has more than 7 years of experience in the management position of the 5-star Park Hyatt Saigon restaurant and hotel.
On this journey, HERAMO is proud to build a strong cohesive, like-minded and talented team. With nearly 60 members in the family (as of 2021) & will expand even more in the coming years, we believe that HERAMO will firmly fulfill its mission.


We sincerely thank you, investors for taking the time to read, understand and empathize with our story.

At HERAMO, we believe you shouldn't have to waste 6 years of your life doing laundry, cleaning, and other household works.

We believe you have the right, and can use that time for yourself or your loved ones.

We also believe that technology will change the world, and then most of people's basic needs will be fulfilled at their doorstep, right at fingertips, and in the shortest time.

Invest in HERAMO to help us realize our mission of freeing you and your loved ones from the burden of laundry and cleaning, so that they can have more time to spend with you and for themselves, for a better life!