CARUS - Car service ecosystem

Digital transformation for car service industry. Technology for comprehensive management of garage. A smart, useful and fast platform that connects vehicle users and garage. Ecommerce provides auxiliary accessories for car industry. Used cars and insurance will help Carus perfect the ecosystem

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CARUS - Car service ecosystem.

Carus was kicked off in July 2020 in the combination of solid technology capabilities and an in-depth understanding of the auto service industry. Carus aims to digitize and link the values for the auto service industry, bringing the highest standards of quality and satisfaction of the services provided, completely changing the traditional communication method of the car service industry to technology platforms.
CARUS team

Transforming the auto service industry. The current Carus ecosystem has 03 main products, including:
1/ Carus Gara: Technology solution for comprehensive management of car service workshop (ERP).
2/ Carus App: A valuable and intelligent digital platform that connects car users and service workshops quickly and conveniently.
3/ Carus Store: E-commerce platform providing trusted and quality auxiliary products for the industry.

Used cars and digital insurance will help Carus improve the ecosystem in the future.
CARUS Ecosystem

Section 1. Practical basis
1.1. Practical basis
According to the Vietnam Register, about 2.1 million personal cars are currently in circulation, expected to increase by 13% annually, reaching 4.7 million vehicles in 2026, corresponding to the car service industry will grow to reach $2.4 billion in services revenue by 2026, which is an attractive and engaging number.
Vietnam car market

However, the industry still has many painful problems, although the future is predicted to develop explosively.
  • The market is too fragmented, with more than 10,000 small traditional workshops and a lack of consistency in services. Therefore, customers are not satisfied with the quality and service prices.
  • Meanwhile, a large number of Garages are managed entirely manually and are still primitive.
  • According to a survey by Carus, more than 80% of service shops have not yet applied professional solutions to management and operation. With such a situation, it will not be easy to connect and retain customers.
The market is fertile, but there are too many problems and no leader in the industry, so this is an excellent opportunity for Carus to penetrate the market.
The problems of the car service industry
Recognizing the industry's real problems and challenges, the Carus team shares the same desire to improve and increase value, with the orientation to become a comprehensive automobile ecosystem in Vietnam and the region.

1.2. Impact
Digital transformation and connection of the ecosystem service for cars, providing car owners with the most timely and quality information and services, helping to reduce business costs, promote brands and increase revenue for workshops.

What makes your project different?
  • A comprehensive auto service ecosystem with digital transformation solutions for service workshops, customer experience, and online shopping.
  • Carus team has in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of automotive and technology.

What is the impact of your idea/product on Vietnam?
  • Completely change the traditional communication method of the auto service industry to technology platforms.

Section 2. Product
2.1. Customers can use or interact with the product through
  • Desktop, Laptop.
  • Mobile Phone/Tablet (iOS).
  • Mobile Phone/Tablet (Android).

  • Carus Gara: includes Web and Mobile app versions (iOS and Android).
  • Carus App: includes Mobile app version (iOS and Android) for users and Web & Mobile app for service workshops.
  • Carus Store: Web app.

  • 2.2 Market penetration strategy
    Carus has the following go-to-market strategy:
    • The first focuses on B2B, Carus Gara, helping workshops digitally transform, operate professionally following business processes, improve efficiency and customer service. Currently, Carus is providing solutions for more than 20 retail and chain garages nationwide.
    • Then, based on this stable set of garages (suppliers), Carus will bring a B2B2C solution, Carus App, a platform to connect customers and service workshops, helping to reduce business costs, promote brands, and thereby increase the number of customers for the workshops.
    • The third is the Carus Store e-commerce platform, with the orientation to become a reputable shopping place with all needs related to cars; furthermore will be a stable supply for service workshops.
    • In the near future, Carus will also complete the ecosystem with a platform for buying and selling used cars and digital insurance, which are two very new and potential markets.
How the ecosystem works
  • 2.3 Revenue sources include:
    Subscription service package
    Earn a specific percentage (%) on every transaction
    Sell ​​advertising packages to service workshops to reach more customers
    Consulting and deploying facilities and working processes for workshops smartly and reasonably, following market standards
Revenue streams

2.4 Achievements
In 2021, Carus also had some fundamental achievements:
(From January 2021 to July 2021)
Carus Garage:
+ Reach: 80 garages
+ Demo: 48 garages
+ Trial: 23 garages
+ Official: 12 garages (including 03 chains)
+ Sales: 196.4 million VND
Carus App: (Test)
+ Reach: 63 merchants
+ Signed: 20 merchants
+ Customers: 127 end-users
+ Revenue: 0 VND
Carus Store:
+ Customers: 149 guests
+ Sales: 128.1 million VND

Carus Gara Website:
Carus Gara iOS App:
Carus Gara Android App:
Carus App Web:
Carus App for User: (iOS) and (Android)
Carus App for Merchant: (iOS) and (Android)
Carus Store:

Section 3. Roadmap
Our team has completed Carus Gara, Carus Store, and is developing a test version of Carus App. With the following milestones:

3.1 2021: Specific roadmap for the last 06 months of the year
  • Improving the product according to the market's feedback.
  • Promoting sales in the North market (due to the current epidemic situation).
  • Implementing sales policy for Agencies and Distributors.
  • Increasing Carus brand recognition in the market (marketing).

3.2 2022: Launching and promoting for Carus App
  • Finishing Carus Gara
  • Launching Carus App platform
  • Promoting Carus (500+ garages and ~50k active users)
  • Planning the next products in the ecosystem

3.3 In 2023: Completing the ecosystem
  • Developing "Used Car" and "Insurance" services as planned
  • Continue to promote the ecosystem (1000+ garages and ~300k active users)

3.4 2024-2025: Market spreading
  • Launch of "Used Car" / "Insurance" service as planned
  • Market spreading with 30% market share (2000+ garages and ~800k active users)
Carus's Planned Route

Section 4. The Team
1/ Vo Thai Vu - Co-founder / CEO
  • Technology background, 04 years of running businesses.
  • 09 years of experience in system development.
  • 05 years of experience in vehicle service products.

2/ Tong Quang Phu - Co-founder / CCO
  • 10+ years of experience in the auto service industry.
  • 05 years in charge of Startup business Automotive Hospital Group (BVOT GROUP).
  • Owner of Mobile Car Care Vietnam: 04 years with 01 head office and 05 franchise agents nationwide.
  • Founder of Car Service UniTour 2018, 2019, 2020 program in association with universities.

3/ Le Chi Hoang Long - Co-founder / COO
  • CEO of Techchain Software Technology Company.
  • 10 years of experience in IT system development.

4/ Pham Viet Phu - CTO
  • ERP Development Specialist.
  • 10 years of experience in developing enterprise solutions.
  • Tiki, VNG former employee.

5/ Pham Nguyen Phan Duong - CPO
  • Product Development Specialist.
  • 10 years of experience in developing enterprise solutions.
  • Participated in 3 Technology Startups and many other business fields.

6/ Cong Pham - CMO
  • 10+ years of working in automotive service and Marketing service.
  • Practical experience in units in the automotive industry: Private service centers, Service centers of car manufacturers.
  • Currently in charge of Marketing, product and service development for many major automobile brands in Vietnam (35% market share), including mobile application products that connect car users of these brands.

7/ Dr. Vu Xuan Truong - Strategic Advisory Board
  • Mr. Vu Xuan Truong graduated with a Ph.D. in Data Science from Compiègne University of Technology (France) in 2015, has over 10 years of experience in building and developing IT products and companies in France and Vietnam.
  • Returned to Vietnam in 2015 and started participating in the creative startup community in Da Nang City from 2016 as Incubator Director at Danang Business Incubator (DNES) and Operation Director of Flying Fish Investment Fund (FFI). Up to now, Mr. Truong has had the opportunity to mentor 30+ startups and is a member of the advisory board of 4 startups.

CARUS - Car service ecosystem.
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