CARUS - Car service ecosystem

Digital transformation for car service industry. Technology for comprehensive management of garage. A smart, useful and fast platform that connects vehicle users and garage. Ecommerce provides auxiliary accessories for car industry. Used cars and insurance will help Carus perfect the ecosystem

Ranking 5
Current valuation
Current price of 1% equity $100,000,000 SW
Equity can be sold 92.03999999999999999%
Ownership structure

Dương Phạm 0.5%

Mr. Ngô Anh Ngọc 2.0%

Thao Tran 0.01%

Phong Mai 0.01%

Mobile Car Care Vietnam 1.0%

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Chương 2.0%

Phu Phong 0.1%

luom nguyen van 0.02%

Thao Tran 0.01%

ngo phu 0.08%

Bệnh Viện Ô Tô 0.1%

Hue Tran 0.2%

Lê Thị Hà Nhi 0.05%

Nguyễn Thị Thanh Thủy 0.05%

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Chương 1.5%

Công Phạm Văn 0.07000000000000001%

Phú Phạm Viết 0.02%

Trí Minh 0.1%

Selena Đặng

Selena Đặng 0.01%

Dương Phạm 0.08%

Phu Phong 0.05%

CARUS|Võ Thái Vũ 92.03999999999999999%