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The following story must be familiar to many people. “My wife and I have difficulties raising our children. We have tried many ways to develop their mindset such as teaching through videos, reading books, flashcards, smart toys… but those methods don’t always work. The kids only have fun and are excited for a short while, then they get bored.

However, every time they get to use their phones to watch youtube videos or play games, they can sit and play continuously, they don’t even care about eating or sleeping. My wife and I are worried sick about the risk of our children getting addicted to phones and youtube.” Indeed, that is the story of us ourselves and so many parents around us today.

And the concern about the negative effects of electronic devices as well as the Internet is the driving force that encourages me to do research about early education applications for children through games. Because, in the 4.0 era, I can't ban my kids from playing games or using electronic devices anymore. From the research, we found that educational applications through games are exactly what we are looking for, but they still haven’t completely met the needs of parents.

They are not designed according to the school curriculum, so they are not in line with the content in the textbook. And as a result, we and our children still have to struggle with the pile of books that is getting thicker every year. Therefore, we started to conduct analysis to grasp the advantages and disadvantages of the applications and set out our own direction for development.

After 2 years of research, we have successfully deployed Bkids - a mindset development application for children. To this day, Bkids has collected meaningful figures that can speak for themselves 30,000 downloads on Facebook, 15,000 downloads on CH play, Apple Store In collaboration with schools such as VIET NHAT, SOPHIA, AU, SPARTA, SUNKIDS, VN UK, BLISS CENTER, the app was deployed for children and received positive feedback from the support of parents, teachers and schools.

The focus of Bkids is still on the objective of connecting CENTERS - SCHOOLS - CHILDREN - FRIENDS - PARENTS to create the most positive environment for children development.