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Foreign Trademark Registration Offers: China: $99, Taiwan: US$219, Singapore: US$399, US: US$699. Why don’t you register a foreign trademark now and let the investors know you are dedicated in global expansion? DM me if interested. Let AIPLUX help you brand the world in 5 minutes!

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Võ Kim Hà 1.0%

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Vincent Chen 67.0%

Have You Got Your Trademark Yet?

Hello everyone, welcome to AIPLUX Technology. We are building a one stop platform for cross-border IP protection.

Do you know even brands like air Jordan and Tesla can have copy-cats registered their trademarks and success? Crazy right? Insufficient cross-border trademark protection causes 50B US dollars every year. The reason is that the language barriers and local regulations make cross-border trademark filing so expensive, hard, and slow.


Solution - LOFA

Our solution for the pain point is LOFA, Logo Online Filing Assistant, a one-stop shop for TM. It features functions like easy search on trademarks in China and other countries, and a highly automated system. It allows users to file for foreign trademarks in 5 minutes. It also saves 70% of the service fees for users.

LOFA has 3 incomparable advantages. Cross border filing, multinational trademark risk assessment and our automated system. We are not the only one making platforms, but we are the only one that really are doing cross-border, automation, and lowering the price.


LOFA Business Model

Aside from direct users we have more than 30 member like Logo Designers in affiliate program and 40 partners like lawyers and incubators using our SaaS platform. And Just like carta, we profit from the growth of early stage companies.



In the last 8 months, we have reach US$250,000 of revenue. The gross profit rate was 65%. We have now more than 300 paying users, 450 applications filed. Most of the users are KOLs, high-tech startups, restaurants, designers and so. We also obtained a 2% of market share of new application filing in Taiwan.

Milestones & Blueprints

LOFA, the global trademark filing system is the first step in our complete IP platform. As the small companies we help grow, they will also need patent protection in the future.

This year, we will also launch Pter, our patent drafter matching system. Pter will allow the inventors to find the patent drafters that truly understand their brainchild, meanwhile for the patent drafters, having applications of their favorite fields always brings the best working experience.

Our ultimate goal is to create an online IP ecosystem, that enable all the companies to gain global IP protections efficiently and help them easily export and monetize these IPs.

Finally, thank you for reading our introduction. Welcome to contact us for further information. Let us help you brand the world in 5 minutes!