11bilingo is a platform connecting an English teacher with an English learner. The class is 1-on-1 through Skype video call. Students after registering for a free trial, will register for the official course. And students can choose the right course, teacher and class time for them.

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Đinh Thị Thanh Huyền 94.83999999999999999%

11Bilingo was established in 2017 with the mission to be a reputable platform connecting teachers of English and learners of English on a one-on-one basis. The Company’s founder is Dinh Thi Thanh Huyen, a CFO who lost plenty of opportunities in both career and life due to her English proficiency issue. After multiple attempts with various kinds of learning patterns, she then realized that one-on-one has proven to be the most effective one that helps her overcomes the language matter. Engaged by the fruitful accomplishments, she establishes 11Bilingo to introduce this effective learning approach to other Vietnamese, who are more and more concerned about uplifting to an international level of expertise.       
Dinh Thi Thanh Huyen - Founder of 11Bilingo

Advantages of one-on-one learning approach
Students are exposed to an educational English environment where they can interact with and learn from qualified and dedicated teachers. This is an attempt to simulate the so-called effortless English where students immerse themselves in English, then naturally learn the language.
✅In the one-one-one model, students are the center of the classes, each student is accompanied by a teacher. During the learning session, students interact with teachers, mimic the language, practice body language through which they would gradually build their vocabularies bank and familiarize themselves with sentence syntax in English. To better fulfill the personal customization requirement of students, 11Bilingo offers students a list of ESL qualified teachers categorized into daily conversational English, academic English, business English, etc.; students can consider and choose one or multiple teachers that best match their learning objectives.
✅  Human interaction is an advantage of this learning method where students have full-time communicating and interacting with real teachers of English. Our experienced teachers would help students learn the language in an exciting and engaging way.
✅ Being an online platform, 11Bilingo provides students with high flexibility in choosing their preferable venue that is best convenient for them e.g. at home, in a coffee shop, in a call box of a library, or even some other open spaces like the beach, park, etc. This is considered one of the most distinctive advancements of online learning over other offline programs.
✅ In addition to opt-venue, 11Bilingo offers students a flexible learning calendar. As teachers at 11Bilingo come from different geographic areas with different time zones, we are able to provide almost 24/7 services, even on weekends or on Vietnamese national holidays, enabling students to choose any learning session that best matches their personal timetable.
✅ At 11Bilingo, we provide students with the most comprehensive textbooks and curriculums published by Cambridge University and Oxford University (U.K). After organizing the entrance test, we recommend students with the appropriate curriculums that likely match the need for practical use in their areas of expertise, as well as their current level of English and their learning objectives. More importantly, our teachers will work closely with students during their learning journey at 11Bilingo, through which they have insights about their students and provide them with relevant advice or even modify the learning scheme if needed. These are to ensure students will achieve learning accomplishments in the shortest time possible. 
✅ All teachers at 11Bilingo are ESL qualified teachers from Europe, Australia, North America and Philippines, this makes us stand out from other local online English academies.
All teachers at 11Bilingo are ESL qualified teachers.
Current English learning courses at 11Bilingo serving students from six to eleven year-old  are as follows:
✔️ Interactive English
✔️ Business English
✔️ English in Marketing, Accounting, Banking, IT, etc.
✔️ IELTS exam preparation (integrated skills)
✔️ Daily conversational English
✔️ TOIEC exam preparation
✔️ English for settlers
✔️ Free Talk for adults (specially offered to students at level B2 or higher)
✔️ Conversational English for children
✔️ Starters, Movers, Flyers, PET, KET exam preparation
✔️ Free Talk for children (specially offered to students having the need for improving oral skills)
✔️ Other on-demand courses tailored to specific needs of students

Platform development plan: To build a system effectively serving students and teachers
- 11Bilingo web/apps accounts are provided to students. Students can search for their favorite courses and then book learning sessions with their favorite teachers.
- Teachers input their available teaching time and introduction information. The system will generate an automatic notification to teachers whenever there is a valid booking from students.
- The class is automatically generated upon confirmation of attendance by both teachers and students.
- Stage 1: Calling for investment (Jul to Dec 2021)
- Stage 2: Vendors selection and recruitment (Jan 2022)
- Stage 3: Launching new platform (Apr 2022)

The proposed platform

Business performance

2018  - Introduction
Mostly complete selecting appropriate curriculums, which are published by Cambridge University and Oxford University (U.K.), for all courses.
- Fanpage traffic: 5,000 likes and follows 
- 200 messages requesting more information about the courses
- Website traffic: approximately 50 visitors per month
- Serving the first 20 students 
- Cooperating with 10 teachers 

2019 - Growth
- Fanpage traffic: 20,000 likes and follows (increased by 4x) 
- 6,000 messages requesting more information about the courses (increased by 30x)
- Website traffic: approximately 100 visitors per day or 3,000 visitors per month (increased by 60x)
- Serving 400 students (increased by 20x)
- Cooperating with 20 teachers (increased by 2x) 

2020 – Scaling up (Covid19 pandemic has boosted demand for online education)
- Fanpage traffic: 80,000 likes and follows (increased by 4x) 
- 24,000 messages requesting more information about the courses (increased by 4x)
- Website traffic: approximately 1,000 visitors per day or 30,000 visitors per month (increased by 10x)
- Serving 1,500 students (increased by 3,75x)
- Cooperating with 100 teachers (increased by 5x) 

Revenue recognized in 2019: approximately VND 1.1 bil
Revenue recognized in 2020: approximately VND 3.0 bil
Revenue recognized to end of Jul 2021: approximately VND 2.1 bil